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EDC Blockchain

EDC Blockchain是什么?EDC介绍

Launched in 2015, EDC Blockchain describes itself as a global multi-currency platform with a built-in constructor of coins. All EDC holders are reportedly merged into masternodes (a type of fund in which users donate their coins), thereby allowing the node to mine EDC. Based on a hybrid LPoS mining algorithm and using Bitshares 2.0 Graphene protocol, EDC reportedly provides network security when implementing important functions, such as instant confirmation of transactions and network voting. The last EDC coin will be produced on January 1st, 2040. The EDC community reportedly exceeds 1 million users, while the cryptocurrency is used by people in 57 countries. EDC is actively focusing on the Southeast Asian, Latin American, and European markets.

EDC Blockchain,简称EDC。EDC区块链成立于2015年,它将自己描述为一个具有内置硬币构造器的全球多货币平台。据报道,所有EDC数字货币持有者都被合并到MasterNode(一种用户捐赠硬币的基金),从而允许该节点挖掘EDC。据报道,EDC基于混合的LPOS挖掘算法,并使用位共享2.0石墨烯协议,在实现重要功能时提供网络安全性,如即时确认事务和网络投票。最后一枚EDC硬币将于2040年1月1日生产。据报道,EDC社区超过100万用户,而加密货币则被57个国家的人们使用。EDC积极关注东南亚、拉丁美洲和欧洲市场。中国进入时间是在2017年!


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